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I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at University College Dublin. The central themes of my research are

1) causes and consequences of migration 

2) determinants of human capital (education, environmental factors)

I am a Research Fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) in Bonn/Germany, the UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy and the Centre for Research & Analysis of Migration at UCL.

Contact: benjamin(dot)elsner(at)ucd(dot)ie



joint with Ingo Isphording and Ulf Zölitz

Economic Journalaccepted

joint with Costanza Biavaschi, Michał Burzyński and Joël Machado

Journal of Development Economics, 2020, 142

Best Paper Award at the Warsaw International Economic Meeting (WIEM) 2016

joint with Florian Buhlmann and Andreas Peichl

International Tax and Public Finance, 2018, 25(6), 1490-1518

joint with Gaia Narciso and Jacco Thijssen

Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2018, 80(3), 659-688

joint with Ingo E. Isphording

Journal of Human Resources, 2018, 53(2), 356-381.

Media coverage: Bloomberg, Boston Globe, BBC

joint with Ingo E. Isphording

Journal of Labor Economics, 2017, 35(3), 787-828

Media coverage: Bloomberg, BBC

Journal of International Economics, 2014, 91(1), 154-163



joint with Florian Wozny, 2018

Winner of the Best Paper Award at the Spring Meeting of Young Economists 2018

Winner of the Novartis Prize in Health Economics 2018



At UCD I teach econometrics and public economics.  I also taught courses in microeconomics, labor economics and the economics of migration at Trinity College Dublin, the University of Luxembourg, and the University of Regensburg and provided econometrics trainings at the  Central Bank of Ireland and the European Business School.


PhD Econometrics (ECON50580)

UCD, since 2018 [syllabus]

Economics of Migration 

U Luxembourg, 2017 [syllabus]


Public Economics (ECON30190)

UCD, since 2018 [syllabus]


UCD, 2018 [syllabus]

Economics of Migration

U Regensburg, 2018 [syllabus]

European Labor Markets

EBS, 2014-2017


I regularly provide econometrics trainings, ranging from crash courses for incoming PhD students at the European Business School to staff trainings in the latest causal inference methods at the Central Bank of Ireland. The trainings typically last 2-3 days and include theory lectures as well as lab sessions with Stata and R.

[Syllabus Causal Inference Training]

[Syllabus Econometrics Refresher]



University College Dublin
School of Economics, Office G208
Belfield, Dublin 4

+353 716 8446


+353 716 8446

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